What Are The Advanced Features Of Zoom

What Are The Advanced Features Of Zoom?

People had to adjust to new rules in their professional and personal life due. Remote working was becoming popular even before the pandemic but its necessity skyrocketed as face-to-face meetings became a health hazard.

Virtual events and meetings have become an integral part of businesses.

The cloud-based Zoom is an excellent solution for businesses to work remotely and accommodate all business needs. Zoom has great features to offer such as audio and video conferencing, webinars, collaboration, conferencing, and chat.

Advanced Zoom Features

Zoom is adding new features to accommodate changing needs and requirements of conducting businesses remotely. The advanced features help improve the quality of communication, make video meetings more fruitful.

Here is a look at some of the brilliant advanced zoom features:

Waiting Rooms

The waiting rooms feature of zoom allows the host to control the time of participants joining the meeting. The host can either hold all the attendees in the waiting room or admit them individually. Using the waiting room feature is an excellent choice for making sure the meeting stays on task and the meeting goes smoothly.

There is an added option where the host gets to send messages to participants in the waiting room and make sure that they choose the same name as the one that is mentioned on the rooster.

To enable the waiting room for guests you need to go to the security icon after opening the Zoom Meeting. You can enable a waiting room from there. The feature is available even when you are using the Zoom website instead of the app.

Creating And Customizing Registration Links

To get an idea of how many people are going to be in the Zoom meeting you can use the option of registering the guests beforehand.

The host of the meeting gets to add some personal touch to the registration link so that it is a perfect representation of the meeting of the event. There is an option to add images like the logo of the company or customized messages that are a perfect representation of the organization.

When you set up the registration process of a meeting using the Zoom page, there is going to be an option for branding. It will allow you to customize the registration link. You can also add a description of the meeting to add a personal touch.

Establishing Breakout Rooms

Zoom allows the host to create breakout rooms. These rooms are perfect for encouraging communication and dialogue among the participants.

Creating the breakout room is easy. Whether you are creating the room randomly or doing it manually, you will have the breakout room icon.

Once the room you open the room, you can send messages in the virtual room. You can also join and leave the rooms at will.

By setting the breakout rooms, you can create rooms using the names of the participants before the meeting starts.

To make sure that your work as a host is always saved and does not get lost, make sure you switch the hosting when breakout rooms are open. If there is a co-host and someone else reclaims the host while you are creating the room, then all of our work will be lost and you will have to start from scratch.

Locking Meeting And Removing Participants

Security is a crucial aspect of virtual meetings and conferences. Companies share sensitive information in the meetings, and they do not want other people to get their hands on it. To add an extra layer of security Zoom offers the feature of permanently removing a participant. You can prevent them from joining the meeting by switching off the option of joining the meeting.

Recording Sessions

To facilitate the participants that fail to attend a Zoom meeting, there is a feature that allows you to record sessions. Once the meeting starts you can hit the record button, and the session is saved to the desktop or the server. The feature only records the face of the participant that is speaking. The screen sharing is not recorded.

Interactive Buttons For Participants

To get a better look at the Zoom room and get reactions from the attendees of the meeting, Zoom offers some reaction buttons. The participants can use the reaction icons to communicate their feelings.


Zoom is a terrific choice for businesses to hold virtual meetings and conferences. It has features that can ensure the meetings go smoothly. The advanced Zoom features make it easier for businesses to adapt to the world of virtual meetings and conferences.