How to be charming and charismatic: 10 Tips

How to be charming and charismatic: 10 Tips

Charming and charismatic people are those who attract attention and seem approachable. These people have good social skills and communicate well. You can become one of them if you learn how to be charming and charismatic by following these 10 tips:

1. Pay attention when people talk.

Make other people feel important. Pay attention when they talk and make eye contact. Really listen to a person when they talk. Don’t check your phone, interrupt them or switch the topic to you. Listen to all the ways they’re using to speak – their words, their tone of voice, facial expressions, and body language. Show interest in what they’re saying and be curious to learn more.

2. Have a smile on your face.

It’s simple, a smile on your face makes you look approachable and makes those around you more comfortable in your presence. So, to learn how to be charming and charismatic, learn to smile more. Make sure that the smile is genuine enough to create crinkles around your eyes.

3. Use your hands.

Hand gestures are a part of an effective communication strategy. They make it easier to emphasize meaning, highlight something or present an idea. They are captivating and they make it easier for other people to understand you. So, use your hands when you’re talking to someone. When you’re not speaking, keep your hands visible by putting them on the table to show that you’re honest and trustworthy.

4. Ask interesting questions.

People expect a predictable pattern when talking to others, so surprise them sometimes! Ask interesting questions such as “Do you have any personal passion projects right now?”, “What’s the best thing that happened to you today?” or “What are you really looking forward to in the future?” Intrigue people so that they would remember you and surprise them by breaking the pattern.

5. Express vulnerability.

People will be more willing to connect with you if you own up to something that worries you or if you reveal something slightly embarrassing about yourself. This means expressing vulnerability and it’s not about pouring your heart and soul for the world to see. You should just reveal a detail about yourself that proves that you are human just like everyone else. Acknowledge your imperfections and people will see you as more charismatic.

How to be charming and charismatic: 10 Tips

6. Use their name.

Use people’s names, when you’re meeting them, during the conversation, and when you’re saying goodbye. People like hearing their name being said and it makes them feel like you’re paying attention to them. When you’re introducing a person to someone, say their name along with their accomplishment. For instance, you could say “This is Mark. He’s a talented painter” or “This is Susan. She’s training to become a fitness coach.”

7. Find common ground.

People will find you charismatic if you leave a good impression and make a connection with them. So, find something that would create a connection, like a common interest. Search for anything that you have in common with the person and don’t hesitate to ask questions to find out what it is. Once you find your similarities you can bond over them, whether it’s liking the same sports team or reading the same book.

8. Be confident.

Learn to be confident to learn how to be charming and charismatic too. Confidence is attractive, so improve your self-esteem and show that you are confident enough to be vulnerable! In fact, you are probably already more charming and charismatic than you think. So, walk and talk with confidence, but be humble enough to level with people instead of intimidating them.

9. Tell funny stories.

Are you a good storyteller? Telling a funny story could make everyone laugh and relax around you. Talk about something funny that happened to you or to someone you know. Good public speaking and storytelling skills are a part of being charming and charismatic. So, consider improving these skills by taking improv classes. You’ll get even better at telling great stories that will make people enjoy your company and look forward to seeing you again.

10. Highlight your best features.

Don’t focus on hiding your flaws. Accept them and focus on highlighting your best features. Take care of your appearance and pick clothes that highlight your best features instead of hiding in your clothes. Present yourself in the best possible light by looking your best and pointing out your good qualities. Don’t talk about what’s great about you, but make sure that others notice it on their own based on what you do and say, and wear!

If you follow all of these tips you are likely to become more charming and charismatic!