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Introducing Zoom Apps: Using the New and Expanded Apps in Zoom

Zoom Apps is a new type of product integration that allows you to use your favorite applications together with Zoom. It means that you will be able to access your favorite applications directly in your Zoom meetings. You can make your experience memorable by including several activities such as whiteboarding, gaming, note-taking, and more!  Thus you can achieve more with the ability of everyone having access to workflow. With the Zoom Apps, you can collaborate with the team members and even bring an element of fun to the discussion by playing games when the session gets lengthy and tedious. Here are some applications included in the Zoom Apps and you can switch between them at once.


With the help of Asana you can make the objective of your meeting with the ability to develop meeting activities and next steps beforehand to help your colleagues move with ease during the session. The Asana app can also be used to create schedules, tasks and also carry out editing without leaving the Zoom meeting. So if you struggle with order during your zoom meetings, this Zoom Apps application will help you bring your team’s work together in one shared space.

Dot Collector

The Dot Collector application gives an opportunity to every participant in a meeting to share their opinion through live feedback and polls. Dots are collected systematically, preserved and shared to enable adjustments in the moment or the future. The Dot Collector promotes a more inclusive collaboration and transparency. Additionally, it empowers team members with insights to help them reach their potential.

Funtivity be Hermis Woman on a video call

Funtivity provides a wide range of activities, including the ones that can be used in team building. We are now past the days when we could only do team-building events physically. Now with such applications, we can still enjoy such activities virtually. Funtivity enables people to hold cultural events, and conference breakouts. With tones of meticulously crafted activities, the application provides exercises that you can perform every week. It also provides an analysis of events that can be used to build a productive team.

Heads Up! 

Heads Up! Is an enjoyable and hilarious smash-hit game application by Ellen DeGeneres. This new partnership between Ellen and Zoom enables friends and coworkers to connect virtually and share in the game experience. It is fun to pass the time as you wait for your coworkers to join the meeting. You can also incorporate it between long sessions; giviving the team members a break and bring their heads back to the forum. The application has been developed by Ellen Digital, Zoom, and Playco.


With the Live 2Courseera application, both college and university lecturers can effectively give lectures knowing that their students can learn at their own pace and free time. The application enables lecturers to record their lessons then upload and share their life lessons to Coursera. Students can then download these lessons and view them later.

SurveyMonkey Enterprise by Momentive

The application helps you drive more engaging meetings with immediate feedback from surveys and polls available within the Zoom meeting experience. It enables you to capture insights from clients, employees, and other meeting attendees. This application is among the best ways of making remote meetings effective since you will be getting feedback as you continue with your meeting.

Three Simple Steps to Get Started With Zoom Apps 

Ready to get started? Just follow these simple steps.

  • Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the Zoom application
  • Open the Zoom application and tap on the application button on the desktop client or in the toolbar of your scheduled Zoom meeting. For some accounts, a client may need assistance from admins to enable the Zoom Apps settings to be available in the desktop client or toolbar.
  • Click on the discover tab to explore the list of available Zoom Apps, then add your favorite application and start using it.

You can also visit the Zoom Marketplace, check out the Zoom Apps categories, and add the applications you want. After adding your favorite applications, you will find them on the interface of your Zoom meetings, and you can put them to use immediately.

Final Take   

Virtual meetings have become a big part of how people stay connected. Zoom Apps play a role in making your sessions fun and engaging through a combination of your favorite applications and video communications. So if you want to kill boredom during long sessions, you can use some gaming applications. If you want immediate feedback during your meeting, then you can use the SurveyMonkey application. So whichever activity you want to carry out during your Zoom meetings, select the necessary application and knock yourself out.