Top 6 Places To Visit In Istanbul

Top 6 Places To Visit In Istanbul

Istanbul is a gorgeous city full of architectural and natural wonders. Choosing it as a vacation destination is an excellent choice as you get to enjoy so many great sights. To make your Istanbul trip unforgettable make a list of the most fascinating sights that will offer the true taste of the city’s culture and authentic feel.

6 Places To Visit In Istanbul

Here are some sights in Istanbul that you must visit to enjoy a wholesome trip.

Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque

Hagia Sophia, located in the Sultanahmet neighborhood, has a long and colorful history. Its gorgeous architecture has earned it a place in the wonders of the world.

The Hagia Sophia allows visitors to experience the history of the Byzantine, Roman, and Ottoman Empires. It was completed in the 6th century during Byzantine rule. The mosaics in it were all added during the Byzantine period. During the reign of the Ottomans, some changes were made to add touches to Islamic architecture. The gorgeous building has gone through a lot of changes because of religious changes throughout the centuries.

Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapi Palace Museum is a magnificent oriental palace located in the Sultanahmet neighborhood. The oriental palace has so many great things to offer as it is among the world’s richest museums. Starting from the 15 to the mid-19 century many Ottoman Sultans made the palace their home.

There are four big courtyards and gorgeous terraces from where people can enjoy brilliant views of the city. It is a top tourist attraction in the city because of its exceptional architecture and precious collections. The museum is home to an extensive collection of manuscripts and books. There are a lot of imperial items of the Ottoman Empire on display as well.

Ottomans ruled the area for 600 years and thirty of them chose it as their residence. The history and culture it holds in its walls make it worth the visit during your Istanbul trip.

Galata Tower

The distinctive witch-hat roof of the Galata tower makes it stand out in the Galata neighborhood. The old Genoese tower overlooks the city and has a luxurious restaurant at the top as well. You can eat delicious food while looking at the view.

Galta tower allows you to view other brilliant sights like Bosphorous, Golden Horn, and Istanbul. The tower is pretty old as it was first built during Byzantine rule in 507-508 AD. It was rebuilt in 1348-49 by the Genoese. The tower has gone through several repairs over the years and its height has been raised with time as new floors were added with refurbishments. The last repair was done in 1967.

The architecture of the tower is magnificent and worth seeing. The Galata tower museum and its surroundings are considered the cultural hub of the new town and are considered the perfect place to offer an exceptional time in Istanbul.

Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern is without any doubt the most mystical and impressive building in Istanbul. It has two columns that are supported by two medusa heads. The unique interior gets the attention of many tourists.

Top 6 Places To Visit In Istanbul

336 columns were used in its construction and a lot of them were salvaged from old temples and have finely carved capitals on them. The symmetry of the architecture is grand and magnificent.

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque is the gem of the Sultanahmet neighborhood. It is a brilliant representation of Islamic and Turkish architecture. Sedefkar Mehmet Aga built the gorgeous Blue Mosque in the 17th century on the orders of Sultan Ahmet I.

Iznik tiles used in the interior earned it the name of Blue mosque. Until 2019 it was the only mosque that had six minarets. The 43-meter-high glorious dome of the mosque is a sight to behold. It is a perfect blend of elegance, proportion, and harmony. An Istanbul tour is incomplete without laying your eyes on the magnificence of the Blue Mosque.

Sea Life Aquarium

The Sea Life Aquarium located at The Forum Shopping Center of Bayrampasa district is a sight to behold. Visitors get to see the largest collection of sharks in Europe along with multiple other gorgeous sea creatures.

There is a Turtle Hospital in the aquarium as well where people can take a close look at how injured turtles are healed and taken care of. The 83 cm long tunnel provides a panoramic view of the sea bed and visitors get to see different species swim over their heads. Tourists also get to enjoy fish feeding shows and get to touch starfish or crabs in the Touch pool experience section.

Final Thoughts

Istanbul is a versatile city with wonderful sights. These are some of the many fascinating sights that should be on your list while visiting the beautiful city. You will have an amazing time there.