How to make it through a long-haul flight

How to make it through a long-haul flight

Numerous hours in a stuffy plane cabin may seem like a hellish experience, but long-haul flying can turn into a desire if you do some planning and a couple of simple pleasures. Read our long-flight useful tips to arrive relaxed, refreshed, and eager to begin your vacation when you reach your destination.

Find a comfortable seat

There are no bad seats in economy, but some are better than others. Don’t end up with a seat in the middle of the last row that won’t recline.

As soon as you book your flight, request a seat assignment. If you are unable to choose your seats online, contact the airline and request that they assign you the seats you prefer. Check the seat map on your flight to figure out which seats to avoid.

Try to secure an entire section to yourself or an unoccupied seat next to you. If you notice, planes are less crowded towards the rear end. Because some people are assigned seats at the airport, you may find yourself seated next to someone even if the seat was empty when you checked in online.

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Wear comfortable clothing on long-haul flights

This should go without saying – assume an attire you’d be delighted to wear after long hours on a plane. Keep in mind that inactivity while being blitzed by strong air conditioning can get cold. Having to wear multiple layers upon layer of loose clothes is perfect for adjusting your temp as you travel. Keep your jewelry as this would cost a slight mishap on the way by setting the alarms inside airport security.

Closed-toed footwear is preferable to flip flops in an emergency and avoid wearing footwear that is too tight, it will cost your feet to swell at higher elevations. Plus wearing your biggest, clunkiest boots, can save luggage space. you can remove them and substitute them with a pair of comfortable slipper socks.

Get your in-flight entertainment ready

Apart from sleeping, a good book or a film is the best way to kill time on a long-haul flight.

Bring your own entertainment instead of having to depend on the onboard entertainment. The entertainment system may be broken, or you may have watched the film on your flight before or dislike the film.

Grab your favorite book, and make sure your gadgets are fully charged. Download your favorite tv series, podcasts, or film and bring a power bank just in case.

Bring your own snacks

On a long-haul flight, you’ll be fed, but it might not be when or what you expect. International travel across time zones mostly means having breakfast at supper time and noodles or tikka masala next thing.  To avoid hunger pangs while you wait for the food, pack a few sustained release snacks like nuts, dried fruit, or cereal bars in your hand carry.

Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is on the top of the travel tips for long-haul flights! Since the air on flights is so dry, dehydration occurs faster than it would at home.

Bring a bottle of water with you to the airport or bring an unfilled reusable bottle with you and fill it up before boarding. Caffeine and alcoholic beverages should be avoided or limited because it causes dehydration.


Trying to stretch your legs is essential not only for your own stability on a long plane ride but also to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Maintain circulation in your legs by doing subtle workouts at your seat every two hours.

It’s possible that there’s no specific place to walk other than the aisles. Shifting around the plane from time to time is far more advantageous for getting some better and healthier rest than taking a sleeping pill.

Select a reputable airline

There is a clear distinction between a good and a bad airline. Research and read reviews  Before you book your flight. In general, the best airlines have seats wider than 17 inches and offer something other than a pack of peanuts as an onboard meal, but consider what is most important to you. Make comparisons like leg-room measurements on if you’re picky try to ask around from your travel-savvy friends.

Loosen up

What perfect moment to let go of your worries and do nothing but fly? The phone has no signal, a crew waiting to attend to your needs, a pilot. Use the opportunity to finish that book you’ve been meaning to read, enjoy a few movies, or get thrilled about your vacation spot by thumbing through the travel guide. Consider those long hours as extra time, and your long-haul flight will become a benefit rather than a hindrance.