10 Ways to get your crush to like you back

10 Ways to get your crush to like you back

Be around and stick around. This is the first rule of getting someone to like you. You need to spend time with them, and some time needs to pass before they get to like you. Getting to know each other is also the most exciting part of a new relationship. So, don’t rush things. Let things develop naturally and give little hints that you’re interested in them. While confessing your love might not be a bad idea, it might be too soon for that. So, use these 10 ways to get your crush to like you back:

1. Be fun, adventurous, and a bit mysterious.

Don’t let your life revolve around your crush. Have a life. As a matter of fact, have a great life. If you’re fun and adventurous people will want to join in on the fun and go on adventures with you. Be ready to try new things, go out there, and do things. Make any situation more fun, and people will always consider you when making plans, including your crush. Be careful not to be an open book around your crush too. Don’t overshare and stay a bit mysterious.

2. Ask for small favors.

You might assume that a person will like you more if you do them favors. However, people actually grow to like those that they do things for instead. So, ask your crush for a small favor. Don’t make it about anything too difficult. Maybe they could give you their opinion on an email you’ve received. Perhaps they could bring you coffee on the way to your office. Maybe you need help with your computer or advice on how to lose weight. It can be anything that they could easily help you with, and it might get them to like you more.

3. Laugh together.

Laugh at your crush’s jokes even if they’re not that funny. Make sure to make them laugh as well. Don’t hesitate to get a little playful and tease them. Teasing can be a part of flirting, just make sure that you’re making them laugh, not making them feel offended. Obviously, people like those they laugh with, and a shared sense of humor could bring you closer together.

4. Post things that they like on social media.

Don’t make your social media a tool to their heart, but feel free to occasionally post something that you know they’d like. This could be a meme that would make them laugh, a song they like, or a video that they’d enjoy watching. It could be related to their likes and interests, but make sure that you actually dig these things too. Don’t post them just to make them like you unless you like those things too.

5. Don’t try to be perfect.

Try not to overshare or put yourself down, but feel free to share some things about your flaws and imperfections. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. No one’s perfect, so don’t pretend that you are. Let your crush know about something that’s not perfect about you, and it will make them feel more humble and safe around you. It might even encourage them to share some imperfect things about themselves and open up more.

10 Ways to get your crush to like you back

6. Watch a horror movie together.

A scary movie can give your crush an adrenaline rush and an increased heart rate, which they’ll attribute to being around you. In addition, your crush might become scared and jump into your arms to feel safer. Or, they’ll be willing to hold you when you get scared. Either way, a horror movie is a great excuse for a cuddle session.

7. Mirror their body language and make eye contact.

They play with their hair, you play with your hair. They scratch their head, you scratch your head. They laugh, you laugh. Mirroring what your crush does often happens naturally during a conversation if you’re attracted to the person. However, you can also consciously mirror your crush’s behavior, and it’s likely to make them think more fondly of you.

8. Dress well and incorporate their likes into your outfit.

Make sure to look your best whenever you are with them but don’t stop there. Stick to your personal style, but incorporate some of their likes too. Maybe you know the color that they wear most often so you could wear it more often too. Perhaps they’re into a certain style of clothing that you could wear or incorporate into yours. Make sure that you’re comfortable wearing those clothes and actually like them, or avoid doing this.

9. Find things in common.

People connect over their similarities and like those who are similar to them. So, find out what you and your crush have in common and bond over that. Talk about your likes and interests but feel free to connect over other things as well. For instance, maybe your parents went to the same school, or you were born in the same month.

10. Touch them.

Making appropriate physical contact is a part of flirting with someone. Gently pat their arm while you’re laughing at their joke or pick up invisible hairs off their shoulder. Touch their arm while you talk or remove something imaginary from their face.