Game Night

How to Host A Game Night At Home

A Game night is a perfect excuse for casual hang out with friends. The best part? You can put it together within a snap. Such evenings are centered on drinks, competitions and food. Game nights help you create shared moments with some of your favorite people, which increase your bond with your family and friends. So, if you want to have a good laugh and learn at the same time with your friends, read on for tips on how to host a game night that will be one for the books.  

Invite a Good Number of Friends

Send out invitations of the event to a large group of friends who are equally passionate about games. Naysayers and buzz killers may dull your evening, thus the need to invite like-minded friends. A large group of people brings more life to a game night. Split the large group into smaller teams for games that require a small number of people. Noteworthy to host a game night safely, ensure you do not send out invitations publicly through the various social platforms since it may attract intruders. 

Prepare the Games Earlier

Have the members brainstorm the games that will be played earlier to ensure you do not waste time deciding which game to play on the agreed night. When making your selections, involve all the guests invited to ensure nobody is left out. Also, have at least two backup games in case you have more time or people are not ready to leave yet. 

If you have invited a small group, then card games and simple word games will suit your team. However, if you have many friends attending, games such as charades and electronic trivia games can be a crowd pleaser. 

Allow Your Guests Time to SocializeFriends game night.

To host a game night that is not full of awkward moments, it is best to first get everyone out of their shell. Jumping straight to the game may make the night feel structured. Therefore, after welcoming the guests, allow for some interaction time where you can even serve drinks and let everyone get in their element. You can also take this time to carry out a brief introduction so that your friends can get acquainted with each other and interact freely.  

Prepare Food and Drinks

Game nights fall on the causal side of the party spectrum. This means it is easier to make preparations ahead of the guests’ arrival. You will not have to go all in with fancy cutleries and sophisticated meals. For this one, your basic kitchenware or paper plates will be fine. Also, if you want to avoid cooking and doing dishes afterwards, you can order pizza or any other preferred takeout to be delivered.

Consider everyone’s taste palette when choosing drinks so that some people are not left out. For example, consider getting varieties such as:

  • Whiskey
  •  Mocktails
  •  Wine 
  • Vodka 

Also make sure everyone has a way of personalizing their drink. Plus, do not forget to offer your friends dessert. Snacks such as cookies and brownies are sweet treats that are easy to eat as the game night progresses. 

Do Not Worry About Furniture

As long as your floor is clear, you can arrange some throw pillows on the floor to make your friends comfortable. Arrange your cushions so that everybody can participate in the game freely. If you are hosting a large group of friends, you can remove your furniture and arrange pillows in a circle. 

Have Fun

Sometimes you can get too caught up in playing host that you forget to enjoy the night. But isn’t that the reason you are hosting the game night in the first place? Have fun! Remember, if you enjoy the night, your guests will also have fun, so ensure you step down from your host duties a little and enjoy the night together with your guests. Your entire presence at the party signifies to the guests that they should also let loose and make the most of the night. However, your guests may remain uptight if you get caught up with hosting responsibilities.    

Final Take

You do not have to be a professional events planner to organize and host a game night. Such casual hangouts with friends are a source of entertainment, and you will also build stronger bonds in your friendship. Additionally, for the game night to be exciting, you must involve your friends in the planning process when choosing things such as food, drinks and the games to be played. So if you are due for some fun times, you can use these tips to host a game night.