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Keeping Your Home Safe during a House Party

The planning process of a house party is fun, from creating a guest list to coming up with the party theme and food menu. However, a part that most of us overlook when planning a house party is keeping your home safe. Whether you are hosting a family get-together, a graduation party, or a hangout with friends, you need to ensure you put safety measures to ensure you do not damage or lose valuables. Here are five tips for keeping your home safe when hosting a house party. 

Create a Guest List

When the party is at its climax, you may not notice gate crashers coming in. Some intruders may entertain ill intentions of leaving with your valuables. If you make a guest list of the friends and family you expect, it may be easy to spot a stranger and monitor their movement. An open invitation limits the power of controlling who gets into your house. Additionally, inform the guests to avoid posting about the party’s location on any social media platform since it may leave you vulnerable to intruders and criminals.   

Keep Some Parts of the House Off-Limits

Restricting the guests’ movements in your house helps you maintain your privacy and protect some of your items. Therefore, you can place a warning notice on the rooms you do not want your guests to access. Also, lock up the rooms and store the keys safely to prevent people from wandering freely in your house. 

You can use the restricted areas to keep your valuable possessions. Small items such as jewelry and watches can easily be stolen. Thus, it would be best if you secured them. Additionally, when holding your party in the garden, restricting people from accessing the house since it makes it easy to monitor if anybody sneaks into the house. 

Remind Your Guest of the No-Smoking Policy

Smoking increases the risk of having your carpet, seats and other valuable items burnt. Additionally, the smell may be hard to eliminate after the party and might not be safe, especially if you have children. If you have friends and family who smoke, secure a designated area where they can smoke freely outside. A smoke detector in various house regions will help you know if one lights up a cigarette. Additionally, if someone leaves a cigarette smoldering near items that can catch fire, you will get an alert immediately and contain the situation before any further damage.

Install Security Cameras on Your Driveway and Guest EntranceSecurity camera home

Security cameras help you monitor your guests’ movement from when they arrive at the party to when they will leave. In case of burglary or any form of attack, having security footage will help the police trace the perpetrators. Therefore, installation of these cameras is a good start to keeping your home safe since not everybody has good intentions.  

Keep Guest Items in One Place

As the host, you have to ensure all your guest’s items are safe, along with your valuables. Many guests will come with coats, scarves and other valuable items such as laptops. When a guest loses a thing during your party, chances are that if you invite them for the next one, they will not show up. Therefore, you must ensure you lock up the guests’ belongings in a safe room for accountability. 

Outdoor Lighting Helps in Keeping Your Home Safe

A crowded place may attract burglars or other criminals; therefore, keeping your home safe should be at the top of your priorities. You can secure your house and guests by lighting up your landscape especially if you will be holding your party at night. Place lights in areas such as:

  • Backyards
  • Garage
  • Pathways
  • Staircases
  • Parking lots 

Good lighting will not only make the intruder skittish but also keeps your guests safe from any falls, especially for those unfamiliar with your terrain.  

Get a Safe

If someone gets access to the locked room with your valuables, ensure these valuable items are well protected using a safe. You can deposit any item in your safe, from jewelry to cash and other vital documents. Therefore it is not enough to lock your valuables in a room; if possible, look for a safe for the most valuable ones. The safe can be portable or anchored

Bottom Line

Once your house is secured, you will have fun without worrying about lost or damaged items. Moreover, keeping your home safe guarantees your guests’ peace of mind thus they will loosen up and enjoy the party. Use these tips to keep your home safe the next time you will be throwing a house party.