enjoy a long flight

How to Enjoy a Long Flight

Staying entertained on a flight of more than six hours can be difficult. But with a little creativity and preparation, you can surely beat boredom. Long flights can be an opportunity to de-connect from your normal schedules and do things you do not usually have time to do. Of course, some in-flight entertainments exist, but you should not entirely rely on them if they do not work, or you have already seen their movie selection. So here are some tips you can use to enjoy a long flight

Read a Book 

Thanks to e-books and smartphones, you do not have to carry hardcopy books, especially if you like to travel light. So, before you hop onto a plane, ensure you have a library of fun and classic novels to keep yourself entertained throughout the journey. It is also best to avoid fiction books about airplane disasters since they may keep you worrying throughout the journey. Getting engrossed in a good book makes you enjoy a long flight, and it may even feel shorter. 

Watch a Movie or a Show 

Binge-watching on favorite movies and shows is a common mode of entertainment. Most long-haul flight companies provide interesting film selections for their clients. However, sometimes you may find that you have watched the film being aired; thus, it is best to be armed with your catalog of shows you would like to catch up with. To enjoy a long flight, you can watch more than three films. Also, it is important to confirm whether laptops are allowed as part of hand luggage; if not, you can find an alternate way of catching up with a movie on your phone or tablet. Also, be sure to download your movies on Netflix or other streaming sites if there is no Wi-Fi.

Listen to MusicEnjoying a flight

Good music calms your mind and might even help you drift to sleep. So, if you find it difficult to catch a nap on a plane, you can carry your noise cancellation headphones and play your favorite playlist. Also, you can enjoy a long flight by exploring new music from your favorite artists. It may be hard to find much free time so take advantage of this time. 

Before boarding, make a playlist of the songs you have been meaning to listen to on iTunes, Spotify, or any other music app. You can also get recommendations from friends to ensure your playlist lasts throughout the flight. If you get nervous during flights, ensure you make a playlist selection that calms your nerves down.

Listen To Podcasts

Podcasts can be refreshing, educative, and entertaining, and currently, you can find various podcasts featuring various interests and hobbies. From politics to comedy podcasts, you can find several to help you enjoy a long flight. Another popular podcast you can listen to is TED Talks, where you listen to inspirational topics covering a wide range of topics by intelligent people. 

Snap the Views 

Everyone takes pictures of the views on their first flight, but as we get used to it, we get used to the transit and forget to take these snapshots. However, some of the world’s best views are seen from a bird’s-eye view. Planes make it the best place to get the views and pictures of the world that will get your Instagram followers envious. From images of landmarks from a distance to sunsets from the clouds, there are so many pictures you can take to pass the time during your journey. Also, you can save time by editing them and adding effects. 

Enjoy a Long Flight by Playing Games 

If you are traveling with friends or family, you can play several games to help you enjoy a long flight. Avoid cumbersome games such as board games which may get boring along the way. Simple and classic games such as 

  • Cards,
  • Bluff 
  • UNO 

If you do not enjoy these classic games, you can carry Sushi go or Monopoly. Get more creative to make the games last throughout the flight. A game such as salad bowl can be combined with several games such as charades and guess who.


Bottom Line 

A long flight should not subject you to suffering. There are various hidden joys that you can find in being holed up on your seat for hours if you get creative. You can enjoy a long flight through something as simple as walking around or interacting with other passengers. Keeping yourself busy on the plane keeps you from staying in limbo, feeling nauseous, or cursing crying babies. Use these tips to turn your long flights into a memorable experience.