How to flirt with a girl: 12 Tips

How to flirt with a girl: 12 Tips

To let a girl know you’re interested, you need to ask her out, but there’s a step between that that you can’t miss. Flirt with her to get those sparks flying before you ask her on a date. Be confident enough to approach her and initiate a conversation. You can mention something related to your surroundings and just take it from there. Here’s how to flirt with a girl:

1. Look your best.

Looking good is important for the attraction, and it’s important for your confidence as well. So, make sure to look your best whenever you see this girl. Take a shower and brush your teeth. Pick the clothes that look good on you, and make sure that you smell great. Use cologne or deodorant. Does your hair look great too? Are you well-dressed? Smell great? Then you’re ready to get her!

2. Give her compliments.

How to flirt with a girl? Obviously, giving her compliment is a big part of flirting. So, think about what you like about her and give her a compliment. You can complement her on her physical appearance but try to focus more on her personality. Is she hardworking? Honest? Funny? Smart? Tell her that.

3. Ask about her interests.

Find out more about her by asking her about her interests. Try to come up with unique, open-ended questions that would be fun to answer. Ask her about her hobbies and her likes and dislikes. Try to find something in common with her that you could bond over. Maybe you like the same music or you have the same horoscope. It could be anything, as long as you’re both interested in it.

4. Make eye contact.

Making eye contact is also important when you’re flirting with someone. So, focus on her and listen to her while she talks without letting your eyes wander. Having eyes only for her shows that you’re interested, so pay attention to what she’s saying instead of looking at your phone or letting your eyes wander across the room.

5. Make her laugh.

A good sense of humor is a very desirable quality in a man. Every girl wants a guy who can make her laugh. So, tell a short funny story if you get the opportunity. Crack a joke or let your conversations lead to an inside joke that only the two of you will understand. If she’s laughing at your jokes she probably likes you back.

6. Touch her lightly.

Get close to her by sitting or standing next to her. Let your hands touch by accident or take her hand to take her somewhere. Brush her hair behind her ear or touch her arm. Engaging in physical contact will help make her feel more relaxed and comfortable around you. However, if she pulls away or seems uncomfortable, keep your hands to yourself.

How to flirt with a girl: 12 Tips

7. Remember the details.

Take note of the little details that she mentions when you’re talking to her. Use these things to show her that you’re interested and that you really listen to her. For instance, if she has mentioned that her sister’s getting married on Saturday, ask her how the wedding was on Sunday. If she mentions that she likes bowling, ask her to go bowling sometimes. If she mentions that she collects records, surprise her by getting her a record.

8. Get some alone time with her.

If you constantly hang around in a group of people you need to get some alone time with her. Ask her to take a walk with you or come up with an excuse to meet her for coffee. You can also offer to walk her home or invite her to join you somewhere. Being alone with her will help you get to know her better and freely express your interest in her.

9. Gently tease her.

You can tease her a little by giving her a funny nickname or mimicking the way she talks. However, make sure not to take it too far. You don’t know what she could be insecure about. Don’t tease her about anything related to her intelligence and appearance. Be careful about other things as well if you’ve only recently met. If you’re already close you can probably freely tease her.

10. Send flirty texts.

Initiate a conversation over text by mentioning something that you’ve talked about. If she doesn’t respond, text again after a few days without mentioning the lack of response. Unless you get a response this time, give up on her and move on. On the other hand, if she is receptive, there are plenty of flirty texts that you could send to let her know you’re into her.

11. Be courteous.

Treat her well and be a gentleman. Open doors for her, hold her hand and have good manners. Show that you are reliable and trustworthy by being kind.

12. Pay the bill.

Expect to pay the bill on the first few dates. You don’t have to go on an expensive date, but don’t make her pay or split the bill. If she offers, refuse, and pay unless she insists that she pays.