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Best Udemy English Courses

We need English, regardless of what we have studied or how old we are. It is hard to imagine an entrepreneur who doesn’t speak English. The language opens new business opportunities and it brings a much higher income. However, if you do speak English perfectly, here is how you can find the perfect job for you!

On the other hand, if you like traveling, the English language can help you a lot! Since English is the international language, you can use it to talk to people around the world. Therefore, in addition to your native language, you should learn English as well.

If you don’t speak English, don’t despair. As complicated as learning English may seem, it can be easy and fun! In this article, we will show you the best ways to learn English through courses we have found online.

But before you start, here are several tips. When you start learning English from scratch, you should enjoy this process. If you don’t like the language, you will probably try to learn phrases and words by heart. There is always a better approach. For instance, you can watch a favorite movie and your brain will register new words and remember them.

You have certainly caught yourself hearing your favorite movie on TV but you didn’t see the screen itself at the moment. You figured out what the actors were talking about and you were able to determine what was currently going on in the film! Listening skills are very important and if you can understand the dialogue, that is a great start!

Conversational English should be mastered interactively while talking to other people in English. On the other hand, reading and writing are more complicated. Some research has proven that is necessary to write a certain word ten to twenty times, in order for our brain to adopt it forever.

The Best Online English Courses

Instead of watching movies or talking to friends, in this article, you will learn how to improve your English skills by watching video tutorials. Udemy is the most popular platform when it comes to gaining skills such as English, programming, marketing, design, etc. This time, we have decided to make a list of the best Udemy English courses.

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1. English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course

This is the bestselling English course on Udemy. If you are tired of learning English from boring textbooks, then this course is for you. The learning path is fun since the content of the course is in the form of a carton.

The course lasts 77 hours. You will start with the basis of the language and go towards the intermediate level, step by step. At each chapter of the course, you will have the opportunity to take tests to check your progress.

Link to the course: English for Beginners

2. The Complete English Grammar Course – Perfect Your English

It is hard to imagine that every single time we write and speak, we use perfect English grammar. The teacher of the course, T.J. Walker, teaches you how to use correct grammar when speaking. Besides speaking, you will also learn how to write English grammar.

The main goal of the course is to raise your self-confidence so you can speak and write English without worrying that you will make a mistake.

Link to the course: The Complete English Grammar Course

3. Business English Course for ESL Students

As we said earlier, English is an international language. If you want to become successful in business, expand your business on the global market or find a better job abroad, you should enroll in this business English course.

The course helps you to communicate better in professional situations such as interviews, meetings, presentations, phone calls, emails, etc. The instructor teaches you the common English words business people use in the field of management, finance, project management, and so on.

Link to the course: Business English Course

4. Building Your English Brain

Have you ever wondered how to think in English without translating words from your native language into English? In this course, you will learn how to speak English easily without translating words in your head.

Most importantly, you will learn how to make the correct sound of English words. The main goal of the course is to gain your confidence so you can speak English without worrying that you will make a mistake.

The targeted people for the course are serious learners who have decided to learn the language correctly.

Link to the course: Building Your English Brain