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Maintaining Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

Your car’s air conditioning is an integral part of your car, and they especially become a priority during summer. Therefore, to keep up with the heat, you need to ensure your AC is in good shape. A few visual and technical procedures can be done with experts or individuals with minimal expertise

Tips on How to maintain your Car’s Air Conditioning system

Additionally, a broken air conditioning system may make driving in the summer heat unbearable; therefore, you must ensure you indulge your car AC in proper cleaning and routine maintenance. So here are some tips on how to maintain your car’s air conditioning to ensure you are ready for the tips on intense summer heat.

Shut Your Windows to Keep the Cool Air In

It may feel okay to keep your windows down due to the scorching summer heat but that is not how to maintain your car’s air conditioning system. Doing so affects the efficiency of your air conditioning. Compelling your air conditioning system to work harder to achieve the same impact will strain your AC which can cause premature breakdown. Also, you will probably not enjoy the benefits of an air conditioning system in your car. 

Run your Air Conditioning System Regularly

When not used, especially during the cold season, we may forget to turn on the car’s air conditioning. However, you need to run it weekly for at least ten minutes, even on days when you do not need it. When switching it on, ensure the temperature is preset to the coolest setting and the fan is at high speed. These settings help maintain the gas at an ideal level and the compressor in a good state. This lowers the risks of your system developing any mechanical damage. 

Suppose your air conditioning system has a defrost setting incorporated? You will need to turn it on for ten minutes to eliminate any moisture from the system. With regular maintenance, you will enjoy a new operational air conditioning system free from any foul smells that may make your car's air conditioning

Recharge Frequently

A car’s air conditioning issues emanate from a low refrigerant level that is used to cool down hot air before spreading it throughout the car. Just like other fluids in your vehicle, refrigerant can also diminish over time; hence it needs to be topped up from time to time. Refilling the refrigerant is what is known as recharging. Signs that you need to top up your refrigerant include:

  • Visible leaks 
  • when the AC is blowing hot air 
  • the AC runs constantly without cooling the car 
  • Hissing sound 

Keeping track of the number of refrigerant levels in between recharging is essential. Failing to monitor the refrigerant levels may be costly because the tank will need to be drained and refilled, meaning you will need to hire a technician. Additionally, if the air refrigerant levels reduce quickly, that may be an indication that there is a leak.

Keep Your Car Clean Always

Bacteria can thrive in the innermost operational areas of a car’s air conditioning system. Therefore, it is essential to look after your car’s interior by vacuuming and dusting it frequently to avoid dust accumulation. Additionally, you can use anti-bacterial cleaning agents for your air conditioning system to keep your car fresh and free from odors. If you find cleaning your AC hard, you can seek professional help since they have special skills and tools to keep your air conditioning clean. 

Stick to the Service Schedule

Every car comes with a manual on how to operate the various systems. Therefore, you need to stick to the advice given in the manual to ensure you follow all the indicated routine maintenance guidelines on the car’s air conditioning. Some breakdowns can be avoided by following the pointers in the manual. Therefore, to enjoy the long summer drives, ensure you carry out the indicated maintenance on time. 

Do Not Ignore Any Weird Noises from the Compressor

Watch out for any unusual noises from your compressor since the noise may indicate issues with the drive belt, refrigerant, or loose bolts securing the air conditioning system’s components. The noise may be a sign that your AC is due for maintenance or replacement of damaged parts. 

Make Use of the Recirculation Mode

The recirculation mode provides more efficiency since it works faster than the fresh air mode. Furthermore, the recirculation mode blocks the passage of foul odor and dirty air from outside. During the summer, it is usually dusty out, thus the need to use recirculation mode over fresh air mode. 

Final Take

To see one’s car operating optimally is the primary pursuit for all car owners. Among the worries, car owners do not want is to have to deal with a damaged air conditioning system since the repairs may require an expert, which may be costly. If you have been trying to understand how to maintain your car’s air conditioning system, you can use these tips to help you out.